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Re-Open San Diego Now

Save San Diego Protest 11/16 3:30pm

Are the lockdowns harming your business?

Do you believe that all businesses are essential?

Do you want to take action? Re-Open Gyms and Salons Now

Reopen San Diego is currently working with a local San Diego law firm to build a lawsuit to reopen businesses.

If you are interested in joining the lawsuit, email and describe how your business has been harmed by the lockdowns.

For more information or to join our mailing list, email so we can keep you informed of actions we can all take to stop the lockdowns.

ReOpen San Diego is a group of citizens who believe it's time for our officials to get out of the way, and let hard-working San Diegans rebuild San Diego. We are past the point of a rational shutdown of our economy. They must step aside, remove the burdens on commerce, trust San Diegans, and let us responsibly get back to work...immediately.

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